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At Ballarat Carpenters, we have been providing carpentry services on a scope of residential and commercial properties in Ballarat. We handle a wide array of carpentry projects, including kitchen refurbishments, picket fencing, decking, timber flooring, and installing pergolas.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can immediately diagnose your carpentry issues and come up with a plan and solution to resolve them.

We have dealt with various maintenance problems, refurbishments, and building services, giving us extensive knowledge and skills as to what works effectively and what doesn’t. With our expertise and assistance, our clients can prevent facing costly pitfalls and stressful incidents on their carpentry projects.

We take pride in providing our clients with bespoke carpentry solutions at very reasonable rates. If ever you will need a local crew to aid you in bringing your dream space or areas to reality, we can be the one to do a great job for you.

We are your one-stop-shop local carpenters servicing Ballarat with the excellent know-how to boost your property’s overall value. We are literally one call away from wherever you may be in Ballarat and no matter what carpentry niche you require we can efficiently help you.

Do you need a  licensed and qualified carpenter in Ballarat? If you have plans to work with us for your carpentry job in mind, be assured that your spaces will get the care and expertise they deserve. With our superior workmanship, quality service, and clear communication, we guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

For your queries, contact our reliable and friendly staff so that we can give you a free instant quote. Arrange an appointment with us at your most convenient time so that we can discuss the carpentry requirement you may need and provide you with an initial estimate.

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At Ballarat Carpentry, we offer the widest range of services for both indoor and outdoor carpentry. We can take on anything from repairs to patios or decking!


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Kitchen Renovations

At Ballarat Carpenters, we always do our best to keep up with the developments when it comes to kitchen renovations. We understand that certain improvements have to be made to cope with our customers’ lifestyles.

Our team of experts specializes in a range of kitchen projects, including building custom cabinets and splashbacks, expanding cooking areas, building partition or structural walls, installing light fixtures and appliances, skirting boards, and more.

At Ballarat Carpenters, we can refurbish your kitchen spaces without the hassle and cost of trial and error. We have substantial years of experience in providing outstanding kitchen renovations in Ballarat and the surrounding cities. Due to this, our crew of the best carpenters can excellently walk you through the process and deliver quality results that may even exceed your expectations.

Our main aim when providing services to our clients is to give them the highest quality materials and services at a fair rate. Through this, you can achieve the carpentry project you plan to have without compromising your budget on hand.

Let our team get your kitchen refurbishment project started. With our reliable and friendly staff, we can discuss your vision of the project. We can arrange an appointment with you now so that we can get your kitchen refurbishment off the ground as soon as possible.

Picket Fencing

Through the years, picket fences went from basic wood barriers to an iconic element of a modern home and suburb. It is one of the simple finishing touches that can elevate the overall look of your property.

When it comes to picket fences, wood is still the most popular material option because it can be easily shaped, styled, and coloured to get the custom design you prefer. However, at Ballarat Carpenters, the material choice for your picket fence is not limited to wood. We can offer you other great alternatives such as vinyl, composites, metal, and cellular PVC.

Our artfully crafted picket fences are made with utmost and superior craftsmanship to ensure that it is durable and aesthetically-pleasing addition to your property.

At Ballarat Carpenters, we only utilize high-quality materials and execute a great job to ensure that we can finish the project within the given timeframe so that you can enjoy your newly built picket fences as soon as possible. Some of the most favoured designs in our picket fences include Windsor, Scalloped, Federation, Straight, and Round.

If you still have queries about the range of picket fences we offer in the Ballarat area, you can reach our helpful staff through our hotline. We always aim to clearly discuss with you various alternatives that will work well with your requirements and budget.

white fencing solution with green synthetic grass at ballarat carpenters

100% Local Business

Carpenters Ballarat are proud to be residents of Victoria

Timber is not something to be taken for granted in Ballarat. Local carpenters use this versatile material to build everything from houses and fences, down to windows and patio furniture. Timber has become a popular choice because of its affordability as well as how it weathers tough conditions like high winds or heat waves with ease – which makes them perfect materials up north where we’re used such things!

As Victoria locals, Carpenters Ballarat know that timber has a huge impact on the environment and is able to provide their customers just what they need. This means no matter how tough your climate gets in our town’s territory, you can rest assured knowing these guys are here for you! We have seen firsthand just how much of an effect wood material selection can make when it comes time to put up some new furniture or build out a deck. In fact, we’ve been born and bred right here in this wonderful area; so naturally (and luckily!), we’re experts at meeting all of its needs with regards to materials like wood.

Searching for the best carpenters in Ballarat especially Ballarat North can be a tough task. You may think you’ve found one but if they’re not careful and don’t put quality before price, your project could end up being done poorly or even to the point of it needing additional work when already finished! That’s why Carpenters Ballarat is here-to provide top notch construction services that will make all projects look good as new with their attention to detail.

vintage home backyard decking overlooking field of grass at decking ballarat


With our extensive years in deck building, we always aim for our customers’ satisfaction. With our satisfied customers, we do not just gain a customer for life. Some of their family, friends, and colleagues decided to work with us through their recommendations. We believe that the quality results we deliver will speak more about how serious and competent we are in providing outstanding services.

When it comes to deck building, we always do an excellent job even to the smallest details to make sure that our outputs can stay durable, functional, and attractive for many years. Whether you already have your vision of a dream deck or you are starting from scratch and still unsure of what design and materials will best suit your space, our reliable team of professional deck builders can guide you every step of the way.

If you decide to work with our crew, we can let you choose from a myriad of deck materials. At Ballarat Carpenters, the most sought-after timber species for decks include Merbau, Treated Pine, Ironbark, Blackbutt, and Spotted Gum.

Aside from deck constructions, we can also offer you numerous services in deck repairs, reconstructions, and refurbishments. At Ballarat Carpenters, you can find almost all of your deck carpentry requirements with us, so if ever you are scouring for a carpenter near you to handle the problems with your existing deck, reach out to us and let us know about it.

Timber Flooring

At Ballarat Carpenters, we are committed to delivering the highest quality service, extensive material options, and cost-effective rates. These are vital to make sure that the flooring we provide for your space will meet your requirements and expectations. With our years of providing superior timber flooring and skirting boards in Ballarat, we have earned our clients’ trust and satisfaction.

Even though there have been vast developments to the materials used in flooring, timber is still the leading choice for many. It is popular in many households and offices because of its natural and relaxing appeal. At Ballarat Carpenters, we can offer you various colours, grains, and styles when it comes to solid hardwood timber.

If you want some suggestions about what timber flooring may suit your areas in Ballarat, the most popular pick includes the Australian chestnut, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Tasmanian Oak, and Tallowwood.

Our crew composed of master carpenters has extensive experience and skills in installing timber floors from simple households to large-scale commercial buildings, so our customers can be assured that we can tailor everything to suit their varying flooring needs and preferences.

If you want to discuss your timber flooring plans, you can always reach us by calling our hotline.

modern open living space with timber flooring at ballarat carpenters
outdoor patio living area with blue couches at pergolas ballarat


Are you looking forward to a great time of relaxation on summer days? An artfully designed and structured pergola can bring out the attractiveness of your outdoor spaces and also offer you a serene shade where you can relax while enjoying a cold beverage.

Many property owners in the Ballarat area are turning their plain outdoor spaces into private and relaxing areas through pergolas. With our professional team that has handled a lot of pergola installation throughout the years, you can have your unique kind of oasis right in your backyards.

Besides providing a space where you can relax, a pergola can also offer you a private space, protect you from the weather and give your property a boost that may increase its value. At Ballarat Carpenters, we can offer you various materials that will suit your unique design plan. Some of the famous material choices we offer are wood lattice, bamboo, brushwood, and lumber.

Through our expertise, we can build and install a pergola in your property that will agree with all your requirements and preferences. Call our hotline now so that you can get a free quote, and we can start your plans in building your pergola in Ballarat.

Expert Carpentry and Building Services

More About Our Carpenters

Expert and Licensed Carpenters

At Ballarat Carpenters, we want you to have a stress-free experience while having a carpentry project on your property. If you hire our expert and licensed carpenters, you can avoid dealing with unlicensed tradespeople that will only cost you frequent repairs in the future. Let us handle the job efficiently because we have extensive knowledge and skills in our craft.

Our master carpenters have undergone an array of apprenticeships and training through our years in the business, so if you want to get the best value for your property, our crew can be your choice. Besides that, we can also guide you in filing all the needed permits for the project in your area to make sure that we abide by the local building laws.

High-Quality Standards and Craftsmanship

No matter the scale of the carpentry project, we always take it seriously by utilizing our high standard and craftsmanship. Since carpentry is a complex trade, we ensure to train and equip our tradespeople to keep up with the innovations and provide our clients with outstanding results.

If you decide to reach out to our dependable team, you can rest easy to get the services and outputs you expect and require. Through careful and detailed planning, we can discuss further what solutions and alternatives will work best for the carpentry tasks you have in mind.

Cost-Friendly Services

Let us break the common misconception that you have to spend a lot on a simple carpentry project. At Ballarat Carpenters, we always see to it that we talk with our customers closely to provide them with the most useful, durable, and cost-friendly option. With our years of rendering service to many property owners in Ballarat, we have developed carpentry solutions that are as effective as others but will surely stay affordable for your budget.

For those who plan to have our help in their properties and spaces in Ballarat, phone us at your most practical time so that our reliable staff can guide you through the carpentry project you have in mind. Besides that, we can offer you a free instant quote and quick estimate so that you can plan and consider your budget on hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen renovation rates greatly vary on the scope and size of the remodelling you want to take. At Ballarat Carpenters, we consider the complexity of the project and our clients’ specifications to come up with an estimate.

For large-scale and structural building projects in Ballarat, you will need to obtain the necessary permits to make sure that you follow the local building laws. At Ballarat Carpenters, we will do our best to help you get the building permits required so we can proceed with the project as soon as possible.

We know how important it is to get our new windows or doors installed quickly. That’s why we’re committed to having them ready in just 3-4 weeks when the timing and workload allow for that. But if you want us around sooner than later then please give us a call ahead of time so we can be sure your order will be done on time!

We can source most types of timber that are available throughout Australia. We use New Guinea Rosewood, Surian Cedar, Merbau and Ammora for our premium timbers. Silky Oak is also a type we use often in crafting furniture pieces or building structures with durable material like decks and fences .

If you’re unsure about what kind of back door or window frame to use for your next project, our experienced staff can help advise and show some examples in their newly renovated showroom. We’ll review anything you’ve got on hand with any drawings or samples that are available so we can get a better idea of how best to proceed given the particulars of the situation at hand.

There are a bunch of talented tradesmen out there – the issue is finding one you can trust without getting burned in the process. We recommend the following providers: