5 Signs Your Contractor is a Fraud

When it comes to a construction project, you don’t want your hard-earned money to be put to waste. Hiring reliable and trustworthy contractors is a good investment in the long run. Over the years, Ballarat Carpenters have been offering world-class services. We make sure that our contractors are well-trained, professional, and highly skilled.

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant and know the signs of a fraud contractor.

They need money upfront

A reputable contractor won’t tell you to pay at least 30% to 50% of the total estimate. Fraud contractors will tell you that they need a downpayment before they start the job so they can buy the materials. When clients pay upfront, the contractor will disappear or give you slapdash work. At Ballarat Carpenters, we won’t tell our clients to pay upfront. Suppliers trust good contractors that’s why they allow them to get materials on credit.

Overcharging the materials

If you have a construction project on the way, familiarise yourself with the price of the materials. When you already have your contractor, ask them who their supplier is. Ask the supplier directly for the retail and wholesale prices of the material for your project. At Ballarat Carpenters, we are honest and lenient when it comes to the cost of the materials. We also provide our clients with the receipt if they asked for it.

Proposed estimate suddenly skyrockets

This is one of the most common schemes of fraud contractors. Once they have already started the job, they will inform you of an unforeseen problem. This will suddenly increase the proposed estimate for the project. Although, it’s also true in some cases the contractors will only see the source of the problem once the demolition phase has been done. However, what makes this a scheme is the contractor won’t tell you beforehand that there may be changes on the estimate once the project has begun. They will bid for a low price to be hired and will find a reason to increase the estimate. And most of the time, they will tell you that no one else will finish the job and you’ve got no choice but to keep him.

At Ballarat Carpenters, we make sure to diagnose the issue before giving an estimate. We also ensure that we inform our clients that there may be changes on the estimate if we encounter another problem when we start.

The job is taking forever to finish

A fraud contractor takes forever to finish your project. Weeks turned into months and the work is not yet done. This happens when a contractor gets other projects and works on them all at the same time. At Ballarat Carpenters, we value your time and make sure to finish the project on the agreed-upon schedule.

They swap materials to get more profit

Normally, contractors will ensure that they use high-quality materials. However, if you’re not vigilant enough, you won’t notice that they swapped the materials for a cheaper one. And your contractor will get more profit in exchange for a low-quality material. Most clients will only notice that they have been scammed once the material is already damaged.

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