Can Treated Wood Be Painted?

Yes, you can paint treated wood! You should, however, take note of the restrictions in painting it. Compared to regular wood, you will need additional steps to make sure that the paint will properly adhere. You should also use the right materials, tools, and paint. If these restrictions are not followed, the paint will easily peel off in time. Here at Ballarat Carpenters, our team has all the equipment to help you complete your painting job. Over the years, we have been providing excellent and quality services.

Painting treated wood needs a lot of patience because of the steps you need to follow. Below are the guidelines we follow at Ballarat Carpenters to ensure that we’ll successfully paint a treated wood.

The Treated Wood Should Be Completely Dry

Before painting the treated wood, it should be dried out completely. Usually, it takes several weeks or months to dry a treated wood. If you put the wood in a sunny spot, it will cause unwanted warps and if you put it in a dark spot, it can slow the process. Here at Ballarat Carpenters, we have two methods to determine if the treated wood is dry enough. The first method is by performing the water test. You can spill some water on the wood and see if the water beads up. If it does, the timber wood needs more time to dry out. You can also determine if the timber wood is completely dry by using a moisture meter. The moisture content of dry treated wood is below 14%.

It’s Time for Cleaning and Washing

Once the treated wood is completely dry, it’s time to clean and wash it. Before applying paint, chemicals and dirt should be removed by using soapy water and a stiff brush. If this step is skipped, the primer and paint will not adhere properly. At Ballarat Carpenters, we ensure that the treated wood is washed and cleaned thoroughly. We also do not use a pressure washer because it can damage the wood. Once the wood is already washed, it’s time to let it dry again for another several weeks.

As we said, painting a treated wood takes time and patience. If you need to finish a painting job right away, we recommend that you choose the kiln-dried treated wood.

Applying of Primer

This is the last step we do before painting the wood. Primer makes the surface of the wood smoother. Thus, making it easier to apply paint. The primer that you will use should also match the paint. For example, if you’re using latex paint, you will need an oil-based or stain-block latex primer.

Painting the Treated Wood

When the primer is already dry, we can now paint the treated wood. The tools that can be used are brush, roller, or spray paint. After each coat, don’t forget to let the paint cure. Re-coating too soon can cause adhesion problems. At Ballarat Carpenters, we have several options for primer and paint. Our team can help you in choosing the best!

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