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Decking in Ballarat

If you want an outdoor area to relax and bask in the sun, you can install a deck for additive flooring on your property. You can have them as an extension of your house or build it somewhere further into your backyard. Regardless, decking doesn’t have many limitations when it comes to its instalment.

They also add aesthetic value to your property as the finished, hardwood look can enhance the classiness of your house. It’ll look more welcoming, expensive, and well-thought through. However, this will all depend on your design preferences. If you want this expensive, classy feel, you can opt for a natural wood finish while you can have it painted for a more homey look. 

Regardless of your design choices, our team at Ballarat Carpenters is confident that we can execute your every concept. We’re equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, after all, so you can, no doubt, rely on us with your decking solutions. 

We also value your opinion as it’s your property. We’ll only assist you with choosing between your options and telling you which is best for your property. More than that, we also have a team of designers you can consult for your aesthetic needs. Just leave us a quote so that we can aid you in whatever you need!

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Factors to Consider when Picking Hardwood


Different types of wood have various levels of durability, strength, and resilience. Some woods like cedar are less susceptible to wetter conditions than others, making them easier to maintain. You have to gauge how much time and energy you’re willing to commit to maintaining your deck, as it’ll be vital in the appearance and durability of your home.


Installing decks isn’t just for practicality: they also serve as a decorative area of your home. Most passersby would probably take notice of it, given that it is, of course, out in the open air, so you have to consider how it would look in regards to the whole aesthetic of your home. Some woods offer a more classy look, while others, homey and welcoming. 


Depending on where you live, you may need more durable wood for your deck. If your house is situated in a low-rise area, you may be more susceptible to flooding whenever there’s a storm. Some wood, like redwood, are less likely to rot than others, so you really have to consider your weather conditions to achieve an exceptional experience.


Different types of wood have various price ranges depending on not just their quality (durability, resilience, and susceptibility to water) but also their accessibility.  You can inquire our team for the best option for your cost-wise, and we’ll ensure to give you cost-effective options. Just tell us what you’d prefer design-wise, and we’ll assist you in finding the most suitable wood for your decking.