Ballarat Pergolas

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Pergolas in Ballarat

If you want to bask in the sun without having to worry about damaging your skin or being too exposed to the UV rays, consider installing a pergola in your backyard! It can also be a sleek addition to your deck if you’d like some more protection from any weather conditions.

It would also be a hassle to clean your outdoor furniture every time it rains. Having a pergola can minimise any effects of the weather. Plus, it’s also a decorative piece. Without any walls or flooring, only having to need columns, you can decorate it any way you like! Whether you want a classic or romantic feel, pergolas are incredibly diverse and can be fit for your taste!

Our team at Ballarat Carpenters strongly believe that having these installed is one of the best investments you could make since it can bring value to your property and give you a great place to relax! They’re also relatively low maintenance: all you need to do is wipe them when there’s a particularly bad rainstorm. 

We can cater to all of your pergola needs as we’re highly skilled and knowledgeable about this industry. We’re also very experienced in the field, so rest assured that you can rely on us! We’ll listen to all your preferences, update you on any progress, and be transparent on all the costs and pricing. Just leave us a quote down below so that we can begin installing your pergola as soon as possible!

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Types of Pergolas

Solar power pergolas

Since pergolas are installed outside your homes, they would naturally be exposed to a large amount of sunlight every day, especially considering the summer weather in Ballarat. Why not take advantage of the situation by installing solar panels on the surface? 

Granted, it would be relatively more expensive than other options, but you’d be saving some money through the decreased electricity bills in the long run! Plus, it’s a sustainable and renewable form of energy, perfect for the environment. 

Gabled pergolas

Gabled pergolas are triangular in shape, meaning there are two steep slopes on the roof. This type of form can be a good water run-off as they’d very easily side down the surface, making it hassle-free for you to clean! They also give off a classic look that can be pretty versatile should you wish to hang different materials on it. 

Pitched pergolas

Pitched pergolas are the best options for you if you have a veranda or a patio since they’re attached to the wall. They’re still connected to your house, just like their flooring counterpart, so it’ll be relatively easier to install. More than that, they’re also more convenient and durable since they have more support一from the wall一compared to other types. 

Open-top pergolas

This type of pergolas doesn’t really give as much protection as the others since it doesn’t have a solid surface on top. You’d still be susceptible to rain, UV rays, and other debris caused by the weather. If you don’t mind and are just aiming for an aesthetic addition, open-top pergolas can very easily create a Mediterranean feel to your home!