Ballarat Picket Fencing

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Picket Fencing in Ballarat

Most people back then would install fences for security purposes, whether that be for unwanted trespassers and thieves or just some animals they’d want to keep off their property. It was necessary to some, but fences have evolved into much more than just a barrier around your property.

Now, fencing serves as a practical and aesthetic addition to your home since it can change the whole look of your house depending on your style and preference. You can opt to choose the classic white fences to create a homey and welcoming feel, or you can install sleek ones to exhibit classiness.

With Ballarat Carpenters, you don’t need to worry about the doability and effectiveness of your fencing. We can tell you precisely what works for your property, with your input, of course, and turn your ideas into reality. We’re highly trained and highly experienced in this industry, so rest assured that you can rely on us.

We’re also equipped with dozens of materials and tools to give you a variety of options to choose from. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, just look through our official catalogue and get an idea of what you’d want for your property. Just leave us a free quote below, and we’ll assist you in any way we can!

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Popular Types of Picket Fencing in Ballarat

Wooden Fence Pickets

This type of fencing is one of the most popular ones in the market because of its durability, customizability, and accessibility to the market. You can create different cuts and designs with this material, and they give your house a classic, homey, and natural vibe. 

To achieve your desired look, you can either have the wood stained or painted. Painting them would cover up the whole colour of the material, and you’d only be left with the shape and texture. However, they’re susceptible to chipping, which makes them a bit more high maintenance. On the other hand, staining them would keep the wooden look, but enhance the colours a bit, making them darker, lighter, or a different shade of hue. 

Cedar Fence Pickets

Cedar trees grow in extreme weather conditions, making them develop a protective quality against dampness. Because of this, cedar fencing is an excellent choice if you want a more enduring option for your home. They usually come in yellow, red, or white, and you can also customize the shades however you’d like. 

Pine Fence Pickets

Pine fencing is one of the cheapest options available in the market because of its availability. They’re also lightweight, which makes them relatively easy to customise, move around and install. This, however, doesn’t mean that It’s any less durable. Pinewood is exceptionally resistant to swelling and morphing, making them have a consistent size and shape despite any weather conditions. 

Metal Fence Pickets

If you prioritise safety, metal fencing is the best option for you! It’s made of wrought iron, and while it’s one of the most expensive choices available, metal fencing is the most durable and resilient to any warping and disfigurements. For aesthetic purposes, you just have to resand it twice a year to avoid any type of rusting or tarnishing.