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Timber Flooring in Ballarat

Flooring is one of the essential elements in your home as it’ll be the primary ground for you and your family to step on. It has to be smooth, aesthetically pleasing and coordinated with the whole vibe of your home. Because of this, timber is one of the best materials to use whenever you want to install flooring in your home.

There are various colour options with timber as the shades change depending on the tree’s hardness. The sound it produces on any external impact is also relatively pleasing, and its high density allows it to become insusceptible to moisture. The denser and thicker it is, the stronger and more durable it becomes.

At Ballarat Carpenters, we’ll execute any of your flooring needs efficiently and effectively. You also wouldn’t need to worry about any design and coordination as we can assist you along the way! Give us descriptions of your preferred concepts and ideas, and we’ll make them come to life!

We also prioritise you above everything else, so rest assured that we’ll deliver the best quality materials, tools, and craftsmanship. Then, we’ll give you the most cost-efficient pricing to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Just leave us a free quote down below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

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Process of Installing Timber Flooring in Ballarat

Preparation and evaluation

Before buying any tools and materials, you have to evaluate your location, commitment, and budget. There are many factors to consider, like weather conditions and your area’s elevation, to know what types of processes exactly you’d need. For instance, it’d be best if you laminate your floorboards and give them a layer of coating to avoid any kind of damages due to moisture and wetness. 

Your commitment to maintaining your wooden floors is also a significant factor, as you’d need to have different types of layering to ensure that they’re at their best. If you don’t have much time to polish them regularly, you should purchase a permanent coating. Then, you can budget your money wisely depending on how much you are willing to invest in the flooring. 


The subfloor is the actual cement or material that serves as the framework of your home. It’s untouched and raw, so we’d need to make sure that they’re even and dust-free. There may be flaws in the carpentry of your house, which is expected and normal, so we’ll just be sure that they’re already suited to support flooring. 

Laying the Flooring

We will create a temporary layer of flooring onto your subfloor just to see if everything is aligned and ready to go. There may be differences in measurements and thicknesses depending on the trees themselves, so we’ll just check to eliminate any type of issue in installing your floor. 


After we measure, saw, sand, and check the wood, we’ll start the installation process. We’ll first create an adhesive layer on your subfloor to stick the wood onto it. Then, we’ll polish them with whatever layers you’d need. Lastly, we’ll also clean up any residue and dust from the flooring process so that you can already have a hassle-free experience when you get home.